Rebuilding the LivingSocial Android App

Our Android app was one of the first apps to be listed on Android Market. Since then, millions of LivingSocial consumers have used it to browse and purchase deals. Unfortunately, in that time the app didn’t keep up with the quickly evolving Android platform, nor did it represent the LivingSocial brand.

In August, we set out to fix that.

We wanted to improve the Android experience for our consumers and even though they are commonly frowned upon, we felt a complete rewrite of the app would be the best way to accomplish that. From the beginning, our priority was to make sure the finished product did not feel like an Android version of our iOS app. So everything was designed and built from the ground up to reflect all that Android offers – from its modern APIs to design guidelines.

We took a week to build out a quick proof-of-concept to better understand what was required to finish the rewrite. It didn’t take long to realize the user experience with the newly-written app would be far superior to the current app. (It was also a much better experience for us developing it, as we were early adopters of the new Android Dev tools, Android Studio, and Gradle.)

Fast forward to December when we were able to launch the app to the Play Store. Not only did we rewrite the core of the app but we also added some new features:

  • Search
  • Tablet optimization
  • A better first time experience

Check out some screen shots of the new app:

Here’s how the new app has done so far:

  • In the last 30 days, we’ve seen over 600,000 active users
  • Hundreds of positive reviews
  • An appearance on the front page of the Play Store, tripling our download rate
  • Google recognized our hard work in building a first-class Android experience and granted LivingSocial a Top Developer badge

And this is just the beginning. Check it out in the Play Store.