Technical Intimidation

If technology is getting you down, gentle developer, you’re not alone. It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of stuff out there in the wide wide world of webs, not to mention the frustrations that come with trying to wrangle all of these tools into some semblance of order. Pile on some peer shame and unreasonable expectations of our own performance and it might be time to hide the razor blades. Take heart, however. Cue up some Billy Joel and when you can take no more of that (my max time is 49 seconds), switch over to my lightning talk on Technical Intimidation I gave at RailsConf 2013. Maybe some cheesy jokes and a dense helping of quotes from smart people will help put that spring in your typing once again.

I reference some TED talks by BrenĂ© Brown at the end of it – here they are – go watch them now:

Here’s the Ashe Dryden talk mentioned at the end:

Greg Bauges also has some excellent content on Devs and Depression.

You can find more links to many of the quotes used in the talk at my personal blog.

Trivia: Mythbuster Adam Savage is the nerdy kid drowning in that Billy Joel video.